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Rev. Cynthia Moore


Rev. Ethel Channon
Assisting Priest

I have been engaged in ministry in Northeast Texas since I first came to St. Mark's in August 2003 as part of my discernment to the diaconate.


I have been involved in various outreach projects in Mt. Pleasant since 2003, such as prison ministry and extending our worshipping community to include our Hispanic neighbors.

As a deacon, I spent 33-1/2 years in newsrooms as a reporter and editor.

I live in Mount Pleasant and am looking forward to some travel in retirement and settling in more in the house.

The Vestry

Our vestry consists of parishioners who are dedicated to serving the ministries of St. Philip’s by articulating and defining the church’s mission by word and deed, through effective organization and planning, and by managing the parish’s resources and finances.

Cindy Kent (Sr. Warden)
Bucky Johnson (Jr. Warden)
Susan Henderson
Sharon Brooks
Sarah Smith

Betty Young

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