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The Affiliated Parishes of Northeast Texas (APNET) consist of five parishes in the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas that have committed to seeking the mutual flourishing of one another’s mission to tell others about Jesus for the glory of God. The representative parishes include

St. Francis Episcopal Church (Winnsboro, TX)
St. Philip’s Episcopal Church (Sulphur Springs, TX)
St. Mark’s/San Marcos Episcopal Church (Mt. Pleasant, TX)
St. William Laud’s Episcopal Church (Pittsburg, TX) under the direction of the Rt. Rev. Fraser Lawton of the Church of St. Dunstan (Mineola, TX), Assisting the Bishop of the Diocese of Dallas.


In seeking a deeper realization of the body of Christ (1 Corinthians 12), we are committed to work together, share resources, and to build up one another to support and enable ministry.

  • To grow diversity in our parishes, particularly in terms of generations and being welcoming to all

  • To provide spiritual and emotional support for one another

  • To collaborate and maintain relationships between our parishes

  • To sponsor and develop programs individually and for joint ministry

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